The Paperless Office


Why Consumers Prefer Interactive Online Forms

Forms are important documents that help businesses connect with their customers, and store information valuable to their businesses. When considering whether to make the transition from paper forms to online forms, one important issue beyond cost savings that companies should consider is how online forms will benefit their customers. For businesses and their consumers alike, […]

A Disturbing Trend Arises Among Sustainable Businesses

  The 2013 State of Green Business report has recently been released from GreenBiz, and a worrisome trend has emerged: the hiring of sustainability managers is plateauing. Although the number of companies engaging in sustainability continues to grow, companies have stalled in hiring full-time sustainability managers.   GreenBiz argues in their State of Green Business […]

Google Urges Businesses to Go Paperless in 2013

A 2013 Paperless Campaign has formed, urging small businesses to go paperless in the new year. Google Drive, HelloFax, Manilla, HelloSign, Expensify, Xero and Fujitsu ScanSnap are the companies that make up the Paperless Coalition, and the purpose of their campaign is to “remove the need for paper from paperwork.”   Besides promoting their own […]

Implementing Sustainable Practices Could Save Healthcare Industry $15Billion

Contrary to the assumptions of some in the healthcare industry that the costs of implementing sustainability practices will exceed accrued savings, a recent Commonwealth Fund report found that if U.S. hospitals implemented sustainability practices, healthcare industry savings could total more than 15 billion dollars within 10 years time.   The U.S. healthcare sector currently has […]

Easy Ways to Make Your Office More Sustainable in 2013

Transforming your old workplace into an eco-friendly environment can seem a daunting task, but it needn’t be. There are many small, simple things that you can do at work to make your officeplace more sustainable and less wasteful without much effort or cost. Below are some small things that anyone can do at the office to make […]

Does Your Office Still Print and Fax Like It’s 1999?

Nitro, the company that developed the award winning Nitro Reader, today released the results of its ‘State of the Paperless Office Survey.’ “To gain a better understanding of where the paperless movement stands today, Nitro polled 500 American office workers on their paper usage habits, behavioral trends, overall consumer sentiment toward the paperless movement, and […]

Green Companies Get More Done

Recent research from Professors Delmas and Pekovic of UCLA and the University of Paris-Dauphine indicates that green companies are 16-21% more productive than their not-so eco-friendly counterparts. For years, people behind green business initiatives have argued that going green helps companies become more efficient as they cut costs. But until this study was released, no […]

AUS Govt. Makes Plans to Go Digital

Is it possible for a government to go paperless? Many have said no, not for many many many years, at least. The Australian government disagrees. In 3 years, the government is hoping to shatter naysayers’ expectations and have it’s entire archival system digitized.   The Sydney Morning Herald reports,  ”National Archives of Australia director-general David Fricker […]

The Costs of Using Paper

To some, paper seems cheap. A standard ream of printing paper ranges from $4-8, and for people who only print a page or two from home once or twice a month, that’s pretty affordable.   The average U.S. business uses much more than 1-2 pages a month, however, and costs associated with using paper in the […]

Cut Costs, Increase Productivity, Improve Security: Go Paperless

Going paperless is a great goal for any business. In the U.S. alone, 71Billions tons of paper are wasted annually. Unfortunately, paperless solutions are often viewed as being made solely for huge corporations with big pocket books. Luckily for small business owners, such is not the case. Using a few simple, inexpensive online tools can take a […]