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FormZapper Prepares for SparkLabKC Demo Day

FormZapper Prepares for SparkLabKC Demo Day

It’s hard to believe, but FormZapper’s time in the SparkLabKC program is drawing to a close. This Friday, August 23rd, is Demo Day, and will be the last of our 90 days in the SparkLab business accelerator. We’re looking forward to Demo Day, and the close of the program, but it’s a bittersweet ending for us.


Being a part of the SparkLabKC accelerator has been incredibly rewarding for FormZapper. During the past 90 days, FormZapper has grown and developed it’s team, rebranded itself, developed it’s first product, LendingStandard, branded it’s first product, and proven our product idea in the market with sales. The SparkLabKC program helped make all of this possible. By connecting us with mentors and advisors from throughout the Kansas City business community, SparkLabs helped us develop our business into what it is today, and prepared us for our next step: pitching our business to investors. Demo Day marks the official beginning of our talks with investors, and we’re looking forward to those conversations. We believe we have a great company, a great team, and an amazingly great product. We can’t wait to share our business idea with investors, and have them get as excited about it as we are.


While we’ll miss being a part of the SparkLabKC program, we look forward to Demo Day, and all that comes next.

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