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Save Money By Filing Your Taxes Online

Save Money By Filing Your Taxes Online


The tax season has officially begun! W-2s are coming in, and so begins the yearly process of deciding how and when to file our taxes. Used to be that we’d either head into a brick and mortar shop to find someone to prepare our taxes for us, or we’d spend hours poring over paper forms and receipts cluttering up our kitchen table. Now, more and more of us are making the transition to online tax filing.


Over 80% of Americans filed their taxes online last year, and it’s forecasted that even more will do so in 2013.  Why the change? The reasons vary slightly, but there are a few big ones that seem to hold true for multiple groups: filing taxes electronically is simple, more convenient, and can save taxpayers some serious money.


To provide us with real life examples of people who have saved money by filing their taxes electronically, AOL’s Daily Finance conducted a Savings Experiment documenting persons that have made the switch.  The short clips provide some real life examples of how others saved money filing taxes online that are more real than any large statistic. Using software programs such as TurboTax, persons featured in the videos saved hundreds of dollars by filing their taxes themselves and using various programs to help them find deductions they would have missed had they filed their taxes the old fashioned way, with pen and paper.


To see some of the short videos put together by the Savings Experiment, and get an idea of how people have been saving money by making the digital switch, check out the following clips: