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Make Yourself Happy: Bring a Plant to Work

Make Yourself Happy: Bring a Plant to Work

Research has shown that having a healthy office space with natural light and green plants can reduce stress and increase productivity. Office spaces can sometimes be dreary, boring places. Colored in pale browns and grays, and filled with desks covered in paperwork and machines. For those of us working in cubicles, the daily view is even worse.

Bringing beautiful, green plants into the work space can liven up an otherwise dreary atmosphere, and benefit you and your coworkers in numerous ways. Besides making your desk and office more¬†aesthetically¬†pleasing to look at and be in, plants can help you reduce stress, improve air quality, reduce noise, and reduce dust. The overall effect is an office space that’s prettier, healthier, and more pleasant to be in.


So transplant a lonely green from your personal abode, or adopt a new one from your local nursery, and give it a new home in your office. Your desk and coworkers will be sure to thank you!


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