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KC Startup Village Develops and Draws National Attention

KC Startup Village Develops and Draws National Attention

A startup community is developing in Kansas City, drawing entrepreneurs such as FormZapper from all over the metro area. Titled the KC Startup Village, the community is an entrepreneur-led, organic, grassroots initiative helping to bolster the Kansas City startup scene by creating a concentrated and collaborative community of startups. The vision: to solidify Kansas City as a premiere startup city in America.


Startup Communities exist all over the world, in some of the biggest entrepreneurial hubs: Boston, San Francisco, Boulder, Omaha and New York are just a few. According to author Brad Feld of “Startup Communities,” “these types of entrepreneurial ecosystems are driving innovation and small business energy.” Startup communities multiply connections among entrepreneurs, improve access to information and increase the sharing of business ideas and skills.


The Kansas City startup community has been growing steadily over the past few years, with the help of organizations and initiatives such as KC-Next, Silicon Prairie News, the Kauffman Foundation, One Million Cups and LaunchKC. However, as KCSV states in its executive summary, “while the community overall continues to reach new heights, the landscape of the community remains largely disconnected. The general layout of Kansas City itself is sprawling, and thus the members and businesses within the startup community tend to be dispersed and scattered around the city.” Being able to pull together the dispersed startups of Kansas City into a dense, tight-knit community will leverage the strengths of the city’s entrepreneurial talent and connect entrepreneurs so they can learn and grow together.


In Kansas City, the idea of creating such a community is fast becoming a reality. The KC Startup Village has already drawn in 9 startup residents: FormZapper, LocalRuckus, Leap2, RivetCreative, EyeVerify, Rocket Fuel Partners, SquareOffs, Threedee and Trellie. Drawn to the Village by the vision of creating a strong startup community in KC, as well as recieving 1Gpbs internet speeds from Google Fiber, KCSV entrepreneurs are moving to the area quickly.


As a result of being located in the first community to receive Google Fiber, the Village and its members have been receiving a great deal of both local and national press coverage. Institutions and News Networks such as UMKC Bloch School, Fox, NBC, CNN, and the Associated Press are just a few that have featured the KC Startup Village and it’s community members. The attention is great for the community, and is helping to spotlight Kansas City’s developing startup scene as one worth mentioning.


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