The Paperless Office

Does Your Office Still Print and Fax Like It’s 1999?

Does Your Office Still Print and Fax Like It’s 1999?

Nitro, the company that developed the award winning Nitro Reader, today released the results of its ‘State of the Paperless Office Survey.’ “To gain a better understanding of where the paperless movement stands today, Nitro polled 500 American office workers on their paper usage habits, behavioral trends, overall consumer sentiment toward the paperless movement, and how workers are collaborating in the modern office.” The results show that despite current technologies now making paperless offices feasible, and improvements being made, progress is slow. Office workers, particularly baby boomers, are reticent to abandon traditional paper practices.


Nitro explains in their press release that “the reticence of some offices to adopt electronic document workflows is driven in part by workers’ allegiance to the almost 50-year old fax machine.” For example, 42.3 percent of people still send faxes ‘most of the time’ or ‘always,’ 41.9 percent claim to review printed documents ‘all the time,’ and 74.6 percent use PDFs as one of their primary collaboration tools.


Thanks to things such as the growth of cloud computing, the development of smart web forms, better online security software, and the rise of remote work access, the dream of a paperless office is now technically feasible. Without full support from office workers, however, such a dream can never be a reality.


Currently, sentiment towards the paperless office remains divided. In order for the paperless movement to progress in the American workplace, workers need to be persuaded of the many personal benefits of using paperless devices and more easy-to-use applications need to be developed for older office workers that are less tech saavy than their younger counterparts, but just as interested in increasing their productivity.  Increasing interest in going paperless among office workers is what will ultimately spur the adoption of more paperless practices, and the rejection of beloved printers and fax machines.


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