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5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Office Party More Eco-Friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Office Party More Eco-Friendly

‘Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.’

-William James

Holiday parties differ from office to office, but they all exist to bring people together, spread holiday cheer, and raise moral. Whether light and casual or extravagant and formal, the purpose of hosting office parties is to give back to a business’ employees, offering them a chance to relax and have fun at the office.  At this year’s holiday party, emphasize ‘giving back’ to future generations, in addition to your colleagues, by hosting a more sustainable gathering. Following are 5 easy tips for making your holiday office party a more sustainable, giving one.

       1. Email Invitations

                Send digital invites to guests to reduce paper waste and make it effortless to RSVP

       2. Eat Local

               Plan your menu around foods that are grown locally, as well as those that are in season

       3. Lose the Disposables

               Use reusable decorations, plates and utensils to reduce waste and cut costs

       4. Provide Recycling Bins

              Clearly label recycle bins, and place in prominent positions next to garbage bins

       5. Give Green Gifts or Do Without Secret Santa 

                Give eco-friendly gifts that won’t be thrown away after the party, or do without a gift exchange


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