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Google Fiber Launches in KC Startup Village

Google Fiber Launches in KC Startup Village

After spending months building Fiber infrastructure throughout the city, the service officially launched in KC homes this past Tuesday, November 13th. World record breaking 1Gpbs internet speeds that are 100 times faster than any other service currently available are now a reality, and homes in the Hannover Heights Fiberhood are the first in the world to experience the technology.


Here at 4454 State Line, history was made as the hacker home we share with fellow startups LocalRuckus and Leap2 was the first house to receive public installation of the technology. News stations from across the area came to record the momentous occasion, including Fox and ABC. Following is Fox4′s news broadcast of the event:

We’ve now had Google Fiber in the office for 2 days, and it’s been amazing! Prior to our Google Fiber install, our internet would crash multiple times throughout the day, and speeds were so slow I felt like we were hooked up to dial-up. Now, we can flip through emails and webpages instantaneously. And, during an after-hours gaming session I was super thrilled to note that I had the best ping of anyone I played against/with online, and I experienced absolutely NO lag!


Google Fiber is an amazing product, and although we don’t yet know exactly what will come of the service, it’s exciting to speculate about the amazing products and business ideas that will be born of it. To be a part of the KC Startup Village, a small network of startups centrally located in Hannover Heights, recieving Google Fiber, is thrilling. These businesses, many of which are tech-related, are now connected to the fastest internet in the world. It’s historical, surreal, and spectacular. What comes from us and the rest of the KC Startup Village using the service is bound to be just as amazing.


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