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Consumers Prefer Buying from Green Companies

Consumers Prefer Buying from Green Companies

Green businesses enjoy favored public sentiment, supportive government policies and increased revenues. Despite still being in a poor economic environment, a large portion of consumers in the US and abroad still highly value buying eco-friendly products.


The Regeneration Consumer Study surveyed over 6000 consumers from 6 countries and reported that consumers have a strong belief in corporate social responsibility. Of the consumers interviewed, 2/3 recognize the need to purchase products that are good for the environment and society. A poll recently conducted by TIME subsequently found that 40% of Americans buy products based on the social, political and environmental values of the companies.


During this recession, consumers are spending less. But giving up on going green is not a smart business decision to make. Consumers still value green businesses, and the benefit to having a good, socially responsible reputation cannot be undervalued. Nearly half of the nation has indicated that they still buy products purposely from companies which values align with their own. In a time when consumers are increasingly eco-friendly and earth conscious, and the cost benefits to going green keep piling up, companies cannot afford to ignore the importance of sustainability.



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