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TechCocktailKC Highlights Kansas City’s Growing Start-up Community

TechCocktailKC Highlights Kansas City’s Growing Start-up Community

Kansas City’s entrepreneurial community is a small one when compared to such groups as those in San Francisco, New York and Boulder, but it’s growing, and beginning to draw some national attention.  A KC start-up village is forming in Hanover Heights, and big start-up events have begun coming to the city. TechCocktailKC, held on October 17th at Boulevard, was one such event that highlighted the Kansas City start-up scene.


Unlike most current entrepreneurial events held in Kansas City, TechCocktailKC was able to bring together entrepreneurs and business professionals from a wide range of industries. Most of the regular start-up events in the city, like GeekNight, tend to only draw in niche groups of entrepreneurs, and too few individuals outside of the entrepreneurial community. It’s rare to have an event in KC that connects a wide range of start-ups with large numbers of business professionals, but TechCocktailKC did just that. TechCocktailKC showcased 16 start-ups, and brought in over 400 attendees from the greater KC business community. The event provided a platform for the selected start-ups to showcase their businesses, connect with others in the community, and find potential clients.


Showcasing at TechCocktailKC was particularly exciting for us at FormZapper, because we got to meet some awesome people from start-ups that we had never had the opportunity to connect with before, and we were given the opportunity to discuss how our company helps small businesses become more efficient with business professionals who we rarely get opportunities to meet with.


Having companies such as Tech Cocktail come to Kansas City, and validate our entrepreneurs, is great for our city.  Kansas City’s start-up community is small, but strong and growing. It’s in all of our best interest’s to keep up the momentum, and continue doing everything we can to facilitate further growth. Highlighting the strengths of our community, and companies like ours starting up here, is great for our community at large. TechCocktailKC was a fabulous event for our community. Hopefully we’ll see the event take place here again, and more will come to our city.